Making It Big


MANY WORDS could be used to tell Dean and Janice Walker’s story: dedication, faith, love and growth, just to name a few. One word, though, seems especially fitting: “big.” This story is about a big family with big dreams and an even bigger heart.

When the Walkers started their Melaleuca business in January 2008, Dean was working long hours in his construction business and Janice was a stay-at-home mom expecting their fourth child.

“We wanted financial security,” Janice says. “That was something we never really had with my husband being a contractor. And we knew that Melaleuca was an answer for us to reach that goal.”

“Another of our driving forces, especially as our family grew, was for Melaleuca to bring me home so we could raise our family and work our business together,” Dean adds. “We saw the vision; we saw that if all that was required was hard work, we could do this.”

As Dean strove to get ahead with his company, Janice took the reins of their Melaleuca business. With constant support from their enrollers, National Directors 4 Sandie and Lyle Siemens, and Regional Director Josh Kunz, Janice overcame every obstacle she faced and saw her Melaleuca business transform not only her family finances, but herself.

“There was a lot of personal growth along the way because I was forced to get uncomfortable and do things that were just outside my normal realm,” she says. “The key was realizing it’s not about me. When we really buy into that—that it’s not about me, but about the people I can help—that’s when we experience great success.”

Last October, the Walkers achieved their long-awaited goal when Dean sold his construction company and joined Janice in their Melaleuca business.

“We love the fact that we can make a living helping other people,” Dean says. “We love telling others about Melaleuca because of what it does for them.”

Although the Walkers refer to themselves as “little guys,” they know they can dream big with Melaleuca. Throughout the years, their Melaleuca business has added an average of $4,077 to their monthly income, which has truly made a difference for their family.

“Our Melaleuca income has allowed us to travel twice around the world to adopt four children who would otherwise be orphans today,” Janice says. “And we knew that was something we could do because of Melaleuca.”

Dean and Janice are reaching big goals with Melaleuca. And for them, that goes far beyond financial prosperity. It’s all about the things that matter most in life.

“We have 10 children, three with special needs,” Janice says. “We’re really involved in their lives, and for us to both have that opportunity is a tremendous gift that Melaleuca has given us.”


Fun Facts:

• In the last four years, Dean and Janice went from four to 10 children, all under the age of 10. Talk about a busy schedule! 

• Through Melaleuca’s Car Bonus program, the Walkers bought a loaded 15-passenger conversion van. They enjoy going for rides together, as well as sailing in “the ark,” their 28-foot pontoon boat. 

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